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Le Jardin Soccer Academy

The Chelsea Foundation uses the power of sport to motivate, educate and inspire.


  • Inspire each player to put forth their best effort to strengthen their love for the game in a fun and competitive environment. 
  • Honoring the Game - respect rules, opponents, officials, teammates, and self.
  • Effort and attitude is within the control of each player.
  • Learning - Coaches (with the direction of the Technical Director) will introduce age-appropriate techniques and concepts to give the kids the ability to  make decisions on the field.
  • Players will be put in different positions throughout the year. 

Mistakes are a natural part of learning
 - we will push the kids to strive for excellence but there will be a lot of mistakes as kids move towards mastery (if we want the kids to have fun, we need to be patient as they learn).


  • The love and knowledge of the sport grow throughout the year for all the players.
  • More confidence with the ball, better understanding of the game, positions, when to pass when to dribble, etc.
  • Players build confidence on and off the field
  • As coaches, our #1 focus is the players.  Kids are going to develop at different rates. We want the kids to understand there is a certain level of focus and commitment necessary during training for the player to improve. 
  • A positive team spirit and good sportsmanship
  • Support and patience from parents – Let the kids play and the coaches coach