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Le Jardin Soccer Academy


  • The fall season is considered a "development season." No standings are kept by HYSA.
  • In the fall season, we are not looking for wins as much as seeing the kids putting into the games what they are learning in practice.
  • Winter season is “competitive season.” Your coach should communicate his/her own philosophy on season expectations and how playing time is determined during the competitive season.
  • For U11 and above, season details will be communicated directly by your coach. If a team participates in a third season there is an additional fee per player.


Will players be moved between teams during the year?

  • It should be expected that a player will remain on his or her team for the 2018/19 season unless deemed more developmentally appropriate by the player’s coach, as well as the Technical Director.

Can my child “club pass” to play two games in one weekend?

  • If a team is short on players, we may have some kids play two games in order to not forfiet a game. It is important that a player notifies his/her coach in advance if he/she will not be able to make the game.

How is playing time determined?

  • Ideally playing time for the fall season should be equal for all players
  • Exceptions for loss of playing time will be based on players not attending training or repeatedly losing focus or causing distractions to teammates during training - this should be communicated to parents before any loss of playing time
  • Exceptions for extra playing time will be as a result of great effort and attitude demonstrated at practice and development as a result of playing outside of training
  • Kids will be put in different positions throughout the developmental season. Different positions may expose weaknesses and could be a difference between winning and losing.

Will my child participate in a tournament?

Ideally, each team will participate in at least one tournament (there is an additional fee for all tournaments).

  • Thanksgiving Tournament. November 2018. Depending on player availability, each team will have the opportunity to play in the Thanksgiving tournament– There is an extra fee "TBD"/player for the tournament  ***Please let us know ASAP if your child will or will not available for Thanksgiving tournament*** as people may plan vacations around the tournament.
  • Presidents’ Cup. February "TBA". The “Premier” level “Blue” teams will compete in Presidents’ Cup ** Please let your coach know ASAP if your child will or will not be available to play in the tournament (Select players could be individually chosen to fill the roster in the absence of a team player).
  • Summer Tournaments. The coach will determine if he/she would like to continue to train and participate in any summer tournaments. If the team does participate in summer training and tournaments, there will be an additional training fee plus the cost of the tournament.


Where and when are games played?

  • Games will be played at Waipio mainly on Saturdays and Sundays.  Your child’s coach or team manager will distribute the game schedule once it is available. We highly recommend getting the affinity app (for iPhone users) as it posts the complete league schedule.
  • We would like players to be at the field 45 minutes prior to the start of the game.


What if I disagree with a Coach or an Official?

  • There may be a time that your child’s coach or an official will make a bad call. We welcome two-way conversations with parents. But I ask that you honor the 24-hour rule:
  • Parents/guardians should not confront a coach, team or league official to discuss any “negative” game or practice situation with the coaching or management of the event  until at least 24 hours has passed from the completion of the game or practice.  Please share any league or officiating concerns to the coach or the Technical Director.  They will talk to the LJA Director of Athletics who will share the concerns with the Oahu League board.
  • We want the players to take ownership of their game and their soccer experience. As coaches, we want to serve as trusted mentors for the players. Communication is a key to a successful program. Should you or your child have any issues, we ask you to follow the chain of command below:


Player to Coach

Parents to Coach

Parent to Director of Coaching

Parent to LJA Athletic Director

How can I help as a parent?

  • First and foremost, the coaches and all officials need your patience and support to best serve your child. The coaches will work to get the most from each child. Referees make the games possible. We ask you to show support for everyone on the field.  All sports are running low on officials. The main reason for this shortage is the abuse they receive when working a contest.
  • If you wish to help beyond that, we are looking for team managers to serve as a liaison between me and the team parents, communicate the schedule, as well as organize team bonding events. Please let your coach know if you are interested in volunteering.
  • If you wish to coach or become an assistant coach, please talk to Stacy to apply for a position with the club.
  • Coaching as a parent from the sidelines can not be tolerated. The only coaching that should happen is from the coaching side of the field.  The athlete will be confused if the coach and parent are telling him/her to do two different things.
  • Parents, you get to sit back, relax and enjoy watching your kids play.


If you have any question or concerns with any information presented or if you have any questions about the development of your child do not hesitate to call, email or set up an appointment with your child’s coach.